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Why 10,000 steps daily?

Experts have point out that 10,000 steps a day is a good number that will likely benefit your health. The origins of the 10,000 steps valid came from Japan during 60's, since then studies conducted suggest that people who increased their walking to 10,000 steps daily experience health benefits.


10,000 steps daily can prevent a lot of sickness and disease such as weight gain, lifting your mood, lower blood pressure and reducing your risk of heart disease. At the same time, your body is stronger and gets higher stamina.

What's MP Challenge?

MP Challenge encourages MPs to join and win cash for your respective constitute. The cash will then benefit the community and the welfare of your constitute

How to get 10,000 Steps?

Park your car further to walk to your destination.
Set yourself a time to walk every 1 hour after long hour of sitting.
Using stairs instead of lift or elevator.
Sometimes take a public transport so that you will walk more.

What do you get till the end of the challenge?

Apart of getting a healthy lifestyle, you can get gifts from us whenever you achieve it.
Different gift for different challenge

Product can be used

Vivofit 2
Fenix 3
Forerunner 920XT