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Marine Tracking

Track Your Vessels with our SecureTrac VTMS software


AECO Technologies in conjunction with its technology partner, AEIT Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd, provides SecureTrac VTMS, a global fleet location system that is:


  • Confidential
  • Data secure
  • Easy to use

Let us do the high tech tracking system management for you, using the most advanced database and communication products available. We draw from a wealth of experience accumulated providing high end tracking systems to various commercial and governmental organisations throughout the world, for a range of applications including fisheries management, haulage and public transport.

Map Display

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Ideal for Ship Managers, Port Authorities, Fleet Managers, Government enforcement agencies and Vessel Owners.

SecureTrac VTMS

  • Displays vessel positions in table view and on a map background
  • Configures alarms to your parameters which will send an Email or SMS to you when exceeded (e.g. diversion from track, speed out of limits, approaching port or boundary alarms)
  • Changes vessel position reporting rate to your requirements
  • Provides you with current and historical vessel data for viewing or downloading.

SecureTrac VTMS works on  compatible Inmarsat C or Inmarsat D+. 
A range of System Alarms based on time, speed and distance, relative to your own defined regions, are easily configured. These Alarms trigger alerts which are delivered to designated individuals as email or text messages. The frequency of position reports can also be modified to suit specific situations or individual requirements.
Vessels being monitored can be tracked/monitored as individuals or by groups.  Fleet manager or customers can be assigned to be allowed access rights to specific vessels or groups of vessels.

Vessel Information

Vessel Tracking Information